Transistors remain indispensible for applications requiring maximum power handling, device matching, or unique performance characteristics. As with all our offerings, we have selected vendors and products that emphasize performance and reliability.


THAT Corporation's dielectrically-isolated, large-geometry, 4-transistor, monolithic NPN and/or PNP arrays exhibiting both high speed and low noise, with excellent parameter matching between transistors of the same gender.

Medium Power - Driver

Popular medium power transistors provide design flexibility, excellent price points, and a wide range of parametric characteristics.

Low Power

Discrete low power transistors with enhanced specifications for critical applications.

Power - Complementary

Our selection of power transistors from Sanken and others emphasize both fidelity and high reliability.

Lateral MOSFET

Designed to be free of secondary breakdown and thermal runaway, these MOSFETs from Exicon are both highly reliable and possess excellent sonic characteristics.

Power Darlington

Sanken's high-power Darlington pairs include on-chip thermally compensating biasing diodes plus emitter resistors, both of which simplify and improve amplifier design.