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BURSON: Operational Amplifier

The Burson Supreme Sound Op Amp

Burson specialises in customized discrete circuits that, unlike general-purpose IC-based op-amps, are designed specifically to suit their applications.

Profusion currently stocks four modules from the Supreme Sound op-amp (or "opa amp") range: the single circuit V5-OPA and its dual circuit version, and the new V5i hybrid op-amp, also available in single and dual circuit packages.

The Supreme Sound SS Op-amp is a specialised, single-purpose operational amplifier that delivers high quality analogue audio amplification. At only 29mm (1.14in) high it one of the smallest discrete type op-amps in the world, and the end result of 10 years of research and development. The newly developed Burson V5i is a hybrid audio opamp, which is both partially IC and discrete, and bears the sonic signature of its bigger brother.

Part NumberCircuitsVs minVs maxVioIoIbIsGBSRNoisePackageCommentsData Sheet
V5-OPA-D2±3.5V±15V0.12mV70,000nA180,000nA14mA50MHz36V/μs DIP-8VDiscrete Op-amp - DualV5-OPA-D datasheet
V5-OPA-S1±3.5V±15V0.12mV70,000nA180,000nA14mA50MHz36V/μs DIP-8VDiscrete Op-amp - SingleV5-OPA-S datasheet
V5i-D2±5V±16V3mV2nA3nA10mA50MHz45V/μs DIP-8iHybrid Op-amp - DualV5i-D datasheet
V5i-S1±5V±16V3mV2nA3nA5mA50MHz45V/μs DIP-8iHybrid Op-amp - SingleV5i-S datasheet