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Lateral MOSFET

Selected Lateral MOSFETs have been tested and graded into colour bands based on their technical specifications, to ensure close matching. Match pairs can help where multiple devices are used in parallel, and for repairing high end amps.

Part NumberTypeVdsIdVgssPowerPackageCommentsData Sheet
ECF10N20 Nch200V8A±14V125WTO3Metal ECF10N20 datasheet
ECF10P20 Pch-200V-8A±14V125WTO3Metal ECF10P20 datasheet
ECF20N20 Nch200V16A±14V250WTO3Double die metalECF20N20 datasheet
ECF20P20 Pch-200V-16A±14V250WTO3Double die metalECF20P20 datasheet
ECW20N20 Nch200V16A±14V250WTO264Double die plasticECW20N20 datasheet
ECW20P20 Pch200V-16A±14V250WTO264Double die plasticECW20P20 datasheet
ECX10N20 Nch200V8A±14V125WTO247PlasticECX10N20 datasheet
ECX10P20 Pch-200V-8A±14V125WTO247PlasticECX10P20 datasheet