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NJR: voltage-regulator


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Part NumberVoltageVoltage RangeIoutVs maxVref-tolVdrop-outRipple RejectionIquiescentPackageCommentsData Sheet
NJM2930 0V5V to 8.5V0.15A26V 0.6V56dB4mATO220Input Output differential less than 0.6VNJM2930F05 datasheet
NJM317F 0VAdj 1.25 to 37V1.5A40V4%2.2V65dB2.3mATO220-ISO3 Terminal Adj. +ve voltage RegulatorNJM317F datasheet
NJM723 0V2V to 37V0.15A40V5% 74dB2.3mADMP-14Operating Voltage 12V - 40VNJM723D datasheet
NJM7800S 0V5V to 24V1.5A35V 2.2V70dB4.5mATO2521.5A Output CurrentNJM7800SD datasheet
NJM7800 15V5V to 24V1.5A40V4%2V78dB4.4mATO220-ISOThermal and short circuit protectedNJM7815FA datasheet
NJM78L00S 0V3V to 15V0.1A30V 1.7V69dB2mASOT89Improved NJM78L00NJM78L00SU3 datasheet
NJM78L00 0V2V to 24V0.1A35V 2.7V65dB2.3mASOT89High Ripple RejectionNJM78L00UA datasheet
NJM78LR05 0V7.5V to 18V0.1A20V 2.2V79dB1.4mADIP-8With Reset Signal OutputNJM78LR05DD datasheet
NJM78M00 0V6V to 24V0.5A35V 2.7V65dB4maTO220With Safe Area CompensationNJM78M00FA datasheet
NJM78M00S 0V5V to 15V0.5A35V 1.8V70dB4mATO252High Output CurrentNJM78M00SD datasheet
NJM7900 -15V-5V to -24V1.5A40V4%2V60dB2.7mATO220-ISOThermal and short circuit protectedNJM7915FA datasheet
NJM79L00 0V -5V to -24V0.1A35V 2.7V65dB3.5mASOT89High Ripple RejectionNJM79L00UA datasheet
NJM79M00 0V -5V to -24V0.5A35V 2.7V60dB2.2mATO220With Safe Area compensationNJM79M00FA datasheet
NJW4181 0V2.5V to 15V0.1A35V 1.5V50dB0.009mASOT89Low Operating CurrentNJW4181U3 datasheet