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Part NumberVoltage RangeVs maxIoutVdrop-outVref-tolRipple RejectionO/P AdjustableNoise BypassVout NoiseIquiescentOutput CapPackageCommentsData Sheet
LD1117A1.2 to 515V1,000mA1.15V2%75dB  0.3mV2mA SOT2233.3V 1A Voltage RegulatorLD1117AG33AA3AR datasheet
LD11171.2 to 515V800mA1.15V2%75dB  0.3mV2mA SOT223LDO in numerous package styles and VoltagesLD1117L33AA3AR datasheet
LD1985L1.5 to 57V150mA0.28V 45dBNoYes 3mA2.2μtypSOT25Low noise / Low drop outLD1985L18AF5R datasheet
UZ1084L1.5 to 515V5,000mA1.5V1.6% YesNo 13 mA22μTO263LDOUZ1084L33TQ2T datasheet
UZ1086L1.2 to 57V1,500mA1.4V1.6%72dBYesNo 13 mA22μTO263LDOUZ1086L50TQ2T datasheet