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Profusion Celebrates its 20th Year at Prolight + Sound 2014 this March

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Profusion Musikmesse 2014 brochure
Profusion at Musikmesse / Prolight + Sound 2012

Profusion will once again be attending Musikmesse/Prolight + Sound this March 12-15. Not only is it our 20th year at Musikmesse, but this year is our 25th anniversary. The company began in 1989 with a simple aim to supply the latest audio technology and provide innovative audio solutions to the creative sound engineer, and the selection of products we’ll have on display this year perfectly embodies our values.

But it’s our passion for audio that sets us apart from the pack. We do audio, and it’s all we do. We only work with suppliers that are as passionate about audio as we are. We know their lines inside out, and are always clued in to what’s coming next and aware of any production snags that might impact your business. Most of all, we pride ourselves on always being honest and upfront with our customers.

We’re at Hall 8, Booth A45, so be sure to check out the latest audio components at our stand, or book a visit today and discuss the latest audio developments with our friendly and passionate audio experts. We’ll also have technical staff from such manufacturers as THAT Corp, Nemesis, Exicon, Anaview, Dream and TC Applied Technologies joining us to offer advice and insight.

Come see us and view our latest products and learn about the following:

  Digital Wireless with end-to-end latency – less than 3ms at 192kHz 24bit
  New power transistors – Lateral MOSFETs and bipolar
  The latest DSP and digital effects
  Mic preamp ICs with digital control


Profusion Introduces Summit Wireless Audio Technology

While consumers have come to expect persistent improvement in video quality through home theatre, far too often the quality of built-in audio is becoming compromised, with ultra-thin sets providing limited space for high-quality speakers.

Summit Wireless Audio Technology

Consumers serious about their home cinema setup will be expected to invest in a separate audio system. But they often run into the problem of setting up multiple speakers and, in the case of Surround Sound systems, getting as many as eight cables to blend naturally into their environment. Furthermore, it’s believed that many consumers fail to fully calibrate and balance their sound system to its environment, and find relocating speakers time consuming and/or expensive.

Easy to Set Up and Optimise, with Limitless Audio Expandability

Looking to the future, Profusion is proud to add Summit Semiconductor's wireless surround sound technology to its line-up.

Summit Semiconductor's range of Wireless Audio ICs enable wireless 7.1 home theatre audio. Superior digital audio fidelity, WiSA compatibility, and such innovative features as automatic calibration ensure that consumers no longer need to hire a professional to set up their home cinemas.

  • Wireless technology allows seamless scalability and interoperability in home audio. Consumers can upgrade their system however and whenever they choose, from stereo to 7.1 Surround Sound, free from the hassle and clutter of speaker wires.
  • High quality 24bit uncompressed audio, offering the highest real-time audio rendering possible (48/96KHz).
  • Low end to end latency of 5.2ms at 48kHz, with each channel in sync and virtually no phase drift between channels, so that the sound image is reproduced accurately as the artist intended, and with no lip sync issues.
  • Automatic audio setup and single button “sweet spot” location programming allows even the amateur enthusiast to enjoy highest quality audio.
  • Up to 24 channels of interference resistant UNII band wireless guarantees no crackles, pops or drop outs; a growing concern in WiFi-congested environments.
  • Supports Blu-ray and other high bit rate HD content with patented audio recovery.
WiSA wireless audio standards

Global Standardisation with WiSA Compatibility

Summit Wireless Audio products are fully compatible with WiSA ( standards, allowing consumers to upgrade and expand their Surround Sound systems with audio components from a wide range of leading manufacturers.


New Lower-Cost Preamp from THAT Corporation

THAT1583 Expands Options for Mic Pres, Summing Amps, Instrumentation

THAT1583 app circuit

When it comes to IC microphone preamps, nobody innovates like THAT Corporation. THAT's ground-breaking THAT1570 remains the standard for high performance in a current-feedback amplifier suitable for differential mic pre and bus summing applications. Now, THAT has released the reduced-cost THAT1583, giving designers another option for incorporating the reliability, manufacturability, ease of design, and excellent sound quality these preamps represent.

Like the THAT1570, the 1583 mates perfectly with THAT's series of Digital Preamplifier Controller ICs to produce an optimized, digitally controlled preamplifier. As well, the 1583 improves on traditional current-feedback designs by offering a more versatile configuration that can yield lower noise at low gains, lower distortion overall, and higher slew rate.

The THAT1583's pro-quality specs include:

  • Low noise (1.9 nV/root-Hz @60 dB gain)
  • Low THD+N (0.001% @ < 40 dB gain and 0.006% @ 60 dB gain)
  • Wide Bandwidth (1.7 MHz @ 40dB gain)
  • High Slew Rate (50 V/micro-sec)

All this with a low current draw of 7.0 mA typical. Gain is adjustable from 0 to >60 dB and the THAT1583 comes packaged in a space-saving QFN16 package.

For more information about the THAT1583 and other solutions from THAT Corporation, contact a Profusion sales office near you.


Anaview acquires audio division of Abletec

Sweden-based Anaview AB, a leading manufacturer of analogue Class D Amplification, recently merged with the audio division of Abletec. Anaview will continue to supply the Abletec line of amplifier products, along with technologies based on its own patents and broad experience in switch mode power supplies.

For more information, please contact a Profusion sales office.



ConversDigital Provides DLNA-based Solutions for Connected Audio

Profusion distributes new line of networked audio components

conversdigital logo

Stand-alone audio devices are fast going the way of the compact cassette. Professionals and consumers want to play their media content wirelessly wherever they are, from any source, to any playbck device. And they want to control their audio from their smartphones, tablets, and dedicated controllers. So where does the savvy product design engineer go to get wireless network and control capabilities for their interconnected audio components?

block diagram CDMCM-200

The answer lies with the mconnect product line from ConversDigital, distributed by Profusion plc. The mconnect line has complete DLNA-based solutions (including the mconnect player, mconnect receiver, and mconnect firmware) to enable streaming from server devices or the Internet to playback devices on the local network, using smartphones or other devices as full-function controllers. mconnect solutions from ConversDigital make it easy to bring full interconnected audio functionality to products like wi-fi speakers and receivers, docking stations, component audio, automotive audio, and more.

The ConversDigital CDMCM-200 mconnect receiver module, for example, packs the following on a 35mm x 63mm PCB:

  • DLNA/UPnP Compliant for audio playback
  • Wireless (IEEE 802.11n) plus wired 10/100 Ethernet
  • Supports Wireless Access Point and Wi-Fi Direct
  • Option for bespoke iOS and Android Apps
  • Audio input: MP3, ATRAC, WMA, WAV, FLAC, AAC, ALAC
  • Audio output: I2S 16 bit up to 96kHz (24 bit support)
  • RF: 2.4GHz, external antenna with diversity (typical range indoors 30m)

Also in the line are the EVM-MCM-20 Evaluation Board, CDMCA-300i mconnect player for iOS, CDMCA-300a mconnect player for Android, and CDMCSW-400 mconnect DLNA firmware. Note that the mconnect players can be custom branded.

For more information about the mconnect product line from ConversDigital, please contact one of your Profusion sales offices.


Profusion Add Versatility With ICs from Dream Sound Synthesis

Picture of ICs from Dream Sound Synthesis

Continuing our commitment to bring you innovative, cost-effective design solutions, Profusion are proud to announce the addition of Dream Sound Synthesis to our lineup of premier component vendors. With an array of flexible sound synthesis and effects processor ICs, Dream offer quick-development solutions for keyboards, synthesizers, and other MI devices which require high-quality, customizable sound banks, sonic manipulation, and effects. Based on a set of programmable digital integrated circuits and their innovative sound synthesis technology, Dream's component line spans the range from high-quality to value.

SAM3816 Professional Audio Multiple Purpose Processor

Block diagram of SAM3816

Take the Dream SAM3816, for example. This recently-introduced device (a member of the SAM3000 family) includes sixteen 24-bit DSPs with double-precision instructions, 24-bit audio routing (8 I/O per DSP) and a general-purpose 16-bit processor, along with 16-input and 16-output channels, and a variety of I/O formats (USB 2.0 Full Speed, DDR SDRAM, SDR SDRAM, Wave ROM, NAND Flash and DataFlash®). Sampling rates up to 144 kHz at 24 bits are supported. On-chip flash memory allows copy protection of program code and sound banks.

Firmware development on the SAM3816 is simplifed by an optimized instruction set and a C compiler, speeding time-to-market for audio applications, especially when multi-tasking processes like synthesis, mixing, routing, and the like are required. All of this is supported by reference designs, easy-to-use development tools, various sound banks and efficient technical support.

SAM2195 Low-Power Single-Chip Synthesizer with Effects

Or how about the SAM2195 (part of the SAM2000 family), a complete, single-chip, low-cost, low-power MIDI sound system. This well-designed component produces outstanding synthesized stereo output using a full GM sound set, along with a range of compatible effects, from standard MIDI signals fed to its serial or parallel inputs. The SAM2195's low power consumption makes it ideal for all battery-powered applications, such as portable Karaoke devices or other products using MIDI synthesis.

To get your hands on the SAM3816, SAM2195, or any of the other exciting ICs from Dream Sound Synthesis, please contact one of the Profusion sales offices near you.


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