ConversDigital's new wireless DLNA-based mconnect allows users to access media services and stream digital content anywhere, using any device, and enjoy an unrestricted digital audio and entertainment environment.

ConversDigital mconnect Control App

With the mconnect Player and Control apps available on iOS and Android, developers are guaranteed software support for the CDMCM-200, CDMCM-210 and CDMCM-2121 modules. The app acts as a fully functional network music player, with an intuitive interface, phone-friendly folder browsing, playlist management across servers and party mode functionality (Control app only). For further information on the software, click here.

Developers can expect excellent interoperability with DLNA devices in the market, and both cloud server access and internet music service integration. They will also have access to the mconnect Software Platform, a range of DLNA/UPnP software components designed to support the development of connected of A/V products and related services. This includes the mconnect DMC(Digital Media Controller), a library of DLNA/UPnP protocol stacks for mobile apps.

Part no.PkgComments
CDMCM-200 CDMC1Mconnect low cost DLNA module
CDMCM-210 CDMCM210MConnect DLNA Core Receiver 24bit 192kHz
CDMCM-210-EVM CDMCM210-EVCDMCM-210 Eval System
CDMCM-2121 CDMCM2121MConnect complete high quality DLNA solution


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ConversDigital mconnect Control App