Stereo Amplifier Module 2x90W




  • 2x90Wrms/4ohm
  • 1x180W/8ohm bridged mode
  • 2x50Wrms/8ohm
  • Residual noise <40uVrms unweighted
  • THD+N <0,05% up to 75Wrms/4ohm
  • 20Hz - 35KHz +/- 0.5dB ( -3dB @ 60kHz )
  • Cross Talk 80dB @ 1kHz and 1W
  • +/- supply outputs for front end /crossover
  • 8V stand by output for signal sensing circuit
  • Low power stand-by mode
  • Over current protection
  • Over temperature protection


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Full Description

The ALC0180 comes as an open frame unit making it easy to integrate into a wide range of product from active speakers through to home audio products.

The ALC0180 offers both stereo and bridged mono configuration for maximum flexibility.

The module is based on a phase shift modulated topology with advanced protection circuitry. This topology results in very low distortion and because of its simplicity and robustness the finished products are very attractive both when it comes to functionality and cost.

A powerful switch mode power supply is incorporated giving 180Wrms power with 360W peak output power for short periods of time to cover the reality of music.The power supply is inherently designed for ultra low noise making it well suited to the demands of audio and consumer electronic products. It also delivers +/- supplies to an external PCB, for example a cross over board or pre-amplifier board in a dual mono integrated amplifier.

The built in over current protection has two modes.During transients into the current limit threshold it allows constant output current but if this condition persists it goes into burst mode. This guarantees that the amplifier does not create audio holes during heavy listening but still effectively protects it during short circuiting.

The thermal protection sensor is connected to the tab of one of the output devices giving a very fast detection and shut down should over-load occur.

A connector kit for the ALC0180 is available here

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 4 Ohms8 Ohms8 Ohms 
Output Power2x90W2x50W1x180W 
Gain22.7dB typ 
Switching Freq.460kHz typ 
Idle Power8W typ 
Bandwidth60kHz typ 
Aux supply V+/-9.5V min 
Aux supply I+/-300mA max 
Efficiency84% typ 


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