Pro-Audio Multiple Purpose Processor




  • Processing of multiple audio tasks (Synthesis, Effects Processing, Audio Mixing and Routing etc.)
  • 16 24bit DSPs with double precision instructions and enhanced Audio routing (8 Audio IN/OUT per DSP)
  • Optimized instruction set for C compiler
  • 16 Audio channels in, 16 Audio channels out, all Audio IN can be used in clock slave mode
  • External memory up to 2 x 256 MegaBytes
  • External memory interface for (Flash)ROM, SRAM, SDRAM and DDR SDRAM
  • 4 programmable memory chip selects
  • Possibility of high traffic/fast access via external memory interface, e.g. for connection of external High-Speed USB device (for upcoming AudioClass2.0 Audio I/F)
  • USB 2.0 (full-speed) interface for Audio Class 1.0 compliant Audio/MIDI I/F, sound bank data transfer etc.
  • Built in RAM 32k x 24
  • Built in Flash 16k x 16 for resident firmware and code protection
  • 8 or 16-bit parallel Host Port with DMA possibility

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Tray 60

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No longer in Production. See SAM5916.
Last orders by the end of July 2014. Last delivery December 2014

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