Digitally-controlled Analog Preamplifer

Full Description

The THAT1570 is a high-performance versatile audio preamplifier suitable for microphone preamp, bus summing and industrial measurement applications. What's more it has been designed to work with the THAT5171 to enable digital control of the gain setting in 1dB steps over a 55dB gain range, with an additional step of 8dB. In addition, it mates equally well with the THAT5173 to provide gain control in equal 3dB steps from 0dB to 60dB

Operating on maximum of +/- 18V supplies the pre-amplifier accepts pro-audio levels (+28dBu) without an input pad. Combine this with just 1nV/rtHz noise at 60dB gain and you have a truely high performance pre-amplifier. Even greater flexibility is possible using your own custom controller circuits made possible by the topolgy of the 1570.

The analogue THAT1570 is fabricated using THAT's complementary dielectric isolation (DI) process and precision laser-trimmed Si-Chrome thin film resistors. DI technology separates each transistor in its own insulating tub, avoiding the inevitable crosstalk of conventional reverse-biased junction isolating techniques but retaining the transistor matching and temperature tracking inherent in integrated circuits. The result is a preamp with the sound of a discrete and the performance and stability of an IC.

Packaged in 4x4mm QFN16 the THAT1570 takes up very little board space. It is pin compatible with the THAT1583 so you can optimse price and performace using the same layout.


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  • Low noise: 1nV/rtHz @ 60dB gain
  • Low THD+N: 0.0003%
  • Designed to complement the 5171 Digital Controller
  • +28dBu max input on +/- 18V supplies

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Technical Specification

Supply Voltage+/-5V-+/-18V 
Supply Current-7.5mA10mA 
Equiv Input Noise 
0dB gain-18.5nV/rtHz- 
6dB gain-10.4nV/rtHz- 
20dB gain-3.5nV/rtHz- 
30dB gain-1.4nV/rtHz- 
60dB gain-1nV/rtHz- 
0dB gain-0.0003%- 
60dB gain-0.006%- 
Bandwidth -3dB 
20dB gain-10.5MHz- 
40dB gain-4.2MHz- 
50dB gain-1.7MHz- 
60dB gain-600kHz- 
Slew Rate-53 V/us-