Digital Control of Analogue Gain

There are lots of digitally-selectable volume control products out there, and most are designed for relatively low-performance products. The MAS6116 is different. It uses a highly linear resistor chain design to deliver extremely low THD, accepts input signals up to +/-18V, changes gain only on zero-crossings, and allows for hardware and software muting. This is a stereo volume control an audio designer can love!

Click on the product link below for more information on this well-designed component from Micro Analog Systems.

Part no. MfrMax Signal +/-Gain RangeStep SizePkgComments
MAS6116AA1SA306 MAS 18V 127dB 0.5dBSOP-16Ultra Low Noise Volume Controller
MUSES72320V MUSES by NJR 18V 143dB 0.5dBSSOP-32Stereo volume control
THAT5171N32-U THAT 17V 63dB 1dBQFN-32Microphone gain controller 0.0003% THD + N
THAT5173N24-U THAT 17V 60dB 3dBQFN-24Lower Cost Microphone Gain Controller