Medium Power-Driver

Looking for really good driver transistors for a bipolar power amplifier design? With their exceptionally linear gain characteristics, Sanken's 2SA1668/2SC4382 deliver less distortion and better sound compared to the competition.

Part no. MfrVceIcHfePowerBandwidthPkgComments
KSE340 OTHER 300V 0.5A 100 20W 10MHzTO126NPN
KSE350 OTHER -300V -0.5A 100 20W 10MHzTO126PNP
2SA1668 SANKEN -200V -2A 60 25W 20MHzFM20PNP
2SA1725 SANKEN -80V -6A 50 30W 20MHzFM20PNP
2SC4382 SANKEN 200V 2A 60 25W 15MHzFM20NPN
2SC4511 SANKEN 80V 6A 50 30W 20MHzFM20NPN
2SA1209 SANYO -160V -0.14A 200 10W 150MHzTO126PNP low Cob
2SC2911 SANYO 160V 0.14A 200 10W 150MHzTO126NPN Low Cob
2SA1837LB-TF3T UNISONIC -230V -1A 180 20W 70MHzTO220-ISOComplement to 2SC4793
2SB649AL-C-T92-K UNISONIC -160V -1.5A 160 0.6W 140MHzTO92 
2SB649AL-T60-K UNISONIC -160V -1.5A 160 1.3W 140MHzTO126PNP
2SB649AL-TN3-R UNISONIC -160V -1.5A 160 2W 140MHzTO252 
2SC4793LB-TF3T UNISONIC 230V 1A 180 20W 70MHzTO220-ISOComplement to 2SA1837
2SD669AL-D-T92-K UNISONIC 160V 1.5A 160 0.6W 140MHzTO92 
2SD669AL-T60-K UNISONIC 160V 1.5A 160 20W 1.3MHzTO126NPN
2SD669AL-TN3-R UNISONIC 160V 1.5A 160 2W 140MHzTO252 
BD139-16 UNISONIC 80V 1.5A 100 12.5W 190MHzTO126NPN
BD140-16 UNISONIC -80V -1.5A 100 12.5W 190MHzTO126PNP