Transistor Arrays

When it comes to matched transistor arrays, you're not likely to find any better than THAT Corporation's 300 series. These are large-geometry, 4-transistor, monolithic NPN and/or PNP arrays exhibiting both high speed and low noise, with excellent parameter matching between transistors of the same gender. Their low base-spreading resistances and voltage noise under 1 nV/rt-Hz make the 300 series ideal for low-noise amplifier input stages, among other applications. Because they are fabricated in a dielectrically isolated (DI), complementary bipolar process, each transistor is electrically insulated from the others by a layer of insulating oxide (and not the reverse-biased PN junctions used in conventional arrays). Consequently, the THAT300 series exhibit inter-device crosstalk and DC isolation similar to that expected from discrete transistors - perfect for audio applications!

Part no. MfrVceIcHfeNoisePkgComments
THAT300AS14-U THAT 40V 0.02A 150 0.8nVHzSOP-14NPN x 4
THAT300BS14-U THAT 40V 0.02A 300 0.8nVHzSOP-14NPN x 4
THAT300P14-U THAT 40V 0.02A 100 0.8nVHzDIP-14NPN x 4
THAT300S14-U THAT 40V 0.02A 100 0.8nVHzSOP-14NPN x 4
THAT320P14-U THAT -40V -0.02A 75 0.75nVHzDIP-14PNP x 4
THAT320S14-U THAT -40V -0.02A 75 0.75nVHzSOP-14PNP x 4
THAT340P14-U THAT 40V 0.02A 75 0.8nVHzDIP-14NPN x 2 PNP x 2
THAT340S14-U THAT 40V 0.02A 75 0.8nVHzSOP-14NPN x 2 PNP x 2