Voltage Controlled Amplifier

Hands-down the most widely used VCAs in both pro and MI applications, THAT Corporation's 2180 and 2181 series provide extremely wide dynamic range and control range, very low distortion (lowest in the trimmable 2181 series), low noise, and the all-important "deci-linear" control whereby linear changes in control port voltage result in decibel-wise changes in signal gain.

Make sure to check out THAT's extensive Design Notes for dozens of application and circuit ideas!

Part no. MfrDynamic rangeGain RangeTHDPkgComments
THAT2162Q16-U THAT 118dB 130dB 0.04%QSOP-16Dual
THAT2180AL08-U THAT 120dB 130dB 0.01%SIP-8Pre trimmed
THAT2180BL08-U THAT 120dB 130dB 0.02%SIP-8Pre trimmed
THAT2180CL08-U THAT 120dB 130dB 0.05%SIP-8Pre trimmed
THAT2181AL08-U THAT 120dB 130dB 0.005%SIP-8Trimmable
THAT2181AS08-U THAT 120dB 130dB 0.005%SOP-8Trimmable
THAT2181BL08-U THAT 120dB 130dB 0.008%SIP-8Trimmable
THAT2181BS08-U THAT 120dB 130dB 0.008%SOP-8Trimmable
THAT2181CL08-U THAT 120dB 130dB 0.02%SIP-8Trimmable
THAT2181CS08-U THAT 120dB 130dB 0.02%SOP-8Trimmable



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