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Analog Engines

THAT Corporation's Analog Engines combine in one IC all the active circuitry needed to construct a wide range of dynamics processors. Each Engine includes a high-performance, exponentially-controlled VCA, and a log-responding rms-level sensor, and additional op amps and circuitry depending on model.

Whether you're designing an analog compressor, limiter, ducker, gate, de-esser, automatic mic mixer, noise reduction...or something totally unique... you will find the THAT 43xx series to be versatile, predictable, and easy to use.

Part Number ManufacturerVs minVs maxSupply TypeIsTHDGain RangePackageCommentsData Sheet
THAT4301P20-U THAT±7V±15VDual12mA0.03%130dBDIP-20High performance, multi functionTHAT4301P20-U datasheet
THAT4301W20-U THAT±7V±15VDual12mA0.03%130dBSOP-20High performance surface mount packageTHAT4301W20-U datasheet
THAT4305Q16-U THAT±4.5V±16VDual3.5mA0.07%±60dBQSOP-16Low cost, basic functionTHAT4305Q16-U datasheet
THAT4315Q16-U THAT4.5V16VSingle1.6mA0.07%±60dBQSOP-16Low power, low cost, basic functionTHAT4315Q16-U datasheet
THAT4316Q16-U THAT2.7V5.5VSingle1.2mA0.03%±50dBQSOP-16Very low voltage, low power, basic functionTHAT4316Q16-U datasheet
THAT4320N24-U THAT4.5V16VSingle1.7mA0.05% -100, +40dBQFN-24 THAT4320N24-U datasheet
THAT4320Q28-U THAT4.5V16VSingle1.7mA0.05% -100, +40dBQSOP-28Low voltage, low power, multi functionTHAT4320Q28-U datasheet



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