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Digital Control of Analogue Gain

THAT's Digital Gain Controllers have been designed to work best with their range of high performance Preamplifiers to add the functionality that users expect in modern audio equipment.

Separating the Preamplifier into a digital and analogue section has the advantage of being able to mix and match parts to best suit your design goals, at the lowest price point. The two chip solution still uses less pcb space and draws less power than the PGA2500 single chip. THAT's wider signal range means that more of the microphones dynamic range can be captured for the rest of the signal chain.

A neat feature is the zero crossing sync output which enables the dsp to coordinate gain changes as well, ideal for finer resolutions.

Part Number ManufacturerGain RangeNote 1Step SizeVs minVs maxIsV digitalI digitalMax sig inMax sig outGain ErrorPackageCommentsData Sheet
THAT5171N32-U THAT63dB8.6dB then 13.6dB to 68.61dB±4.75V±17V8.3mAnominal 3.3V0.002mA21dBu27dBu±0.25dBQFN-32 THAT5171N32-U datasheet THAT5171N32-U datasheet
THAT5173N24-U THAT60dB0 to 60dB3dB±4.75V±17V7.6mAnominal 3.3V0.002mA27dBu27dBu±0.2dBQFN-24 THAT5173N24-U datasheet
THAT5263N24-U THAT51dB2 channel3dB±5V±17V2.4mAnominal3.3V 29.6dBu29.6dBu QFN-24 THAT5263N24-U datasheet