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Diodes and Rectifiers


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  Part Number ManufacturerVs maxCurrentTrrIFSMVFIR typeMax IR at 150℃PackageCommentsData Sheet
D15XB60 D15XB60 FAGOR600V15A 200A0.92V5μA D15XB60 D15XB60 datasheet
D25XB60 D25XB60 FAGOR420V25A 300A1.1V10μA outline D25XB60 datasheet
GBU806G GBU806G FAGOR800V8A 200A1V5μA500μAoutline GBU806G datasheet
MUSES7001 MUSES7001 MUSES by NJR300V10A15ns40A1.6V5μA100μATO247 MUSES7001 datasheet
MUSES7003 MUSES7003 MUSES by NJR300V20A15ns80A1.6V5μA100μATO247 MUSES7003 datasheet
U20D60A U20D60A OTHER       TO3P  
U30D40A U30D40A OTHER400V15A50ns250A1.3V10μA700μATO3P U30D40A datasheet
U30D40C U30D40C OTHER400V15A50ns250A1.3V10μA700μATO3PUltrafast 50ns Common CathodeU30D40C datasheet
CTXS-4606S-2J CTXS-4606S-2J SANKEN600V60A35ns200A1.7V100μA30mATO247 CTXS-4606S-2J datasheet
FMCA-22065 FMCA-22065 SANKEN650V20A 40A1.5V15μA500μATO220F-2 FMCA-22065  datasheet
FMKS-2052 FMKS-2052 SANKEN200V5A50ns100A0.98V50μA3mATO220F-3 FMKS-2052 datasheet
FMKS-2152 FMKS-2152 SANKEN200V15A50ns170A0.98V150μA10mATO220F-3 FMKS-2152 datasheet
FMXA-2202S-2J FMXA-2202S-2J SANKEN200V20A25ns100A1.2V100μA30mATO220-ISO FMXA-2202S-2J datasheet
FMXS-2206S-2J FMXS-2206S-2J SANKEN600V20A30ns100A1.6V50μA15mATO220-ISO FMXS-2206S-2J datasheet