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Electrolytic Snap In

We offer compact capacitors, with high ripple current ratings, at LOW COST. Unlike other inexpensive electrolytics, ours are manufactured by Samwha one of the world's leading capacitor manufacturers and quality is in no way compromised for price.

We stock the more popular values in quantities to satisfy most needs. To find out more about our full range, contact one of our sales offices for a quotation.

Part Number ManufacturerCapacitanceVs maxDiameterLengthTempPackageCommentsData Sheet
HC1H109M35035 SAMWHA10,000μF50V35mm35mm85℃35X35 HC1H109M35035 datasheet
HC1H478M30025 SAMWHA4,700μF50V30mm25mm85℃30x25a HC1H478M30025 datasheet
HC1J109M35040 SAMWHA10,000μF63V35mm40mm85℃35X40 HC1J109M35040 datasheet
HC1J478M30030 SAMWHA4,700μF63V30mm30mm85℃30x30a HC1J478M30030 datasheet
HC1K109M35050 SAMWHA10,000μF80V35mm50mm85℃35X50 HC1K109M35050 datasheet
HC1K478M35030 SAMWHA4,700μF80V35mm30mm85℃35X30 HC1K478M35030 datasheet
HC1V688M30025 SAMWHA6,800μF35V30mm25mm85℃30x25a HC1V688M30025 datasheet
HC2A109M35065 SAMWHA10,000μF100V35mm65mm85℃35x65 HC2A109M35065 datasheet
HC2A478M30050 SAMWHA4,700μF100V30mm50mm85℃30X50 HC2A478M30050 datasheet
HC2A478M35040 SAMWHA4,700μF100V35mm40mm85℃35X40 HC2A478M35040 datasheet
HC2A688M35050 SAMWHA6,800μF100V35mm50mm85℃35X50 HC2A688M35050 datasheet
HC2B338M30045 SAMWHA3,300μF125V30mm45mm85℃30x45 HC2B338M30045 datasheet
HC2B688M40060 SAMWHA6,800μF125V40mm60mm85℃40X60 HC2B688M40060 datasheet
HC2D338M35070-4PIN SAMWHA3,300μF200V35mm70mm85℃35x70 HC2D338M35070-4PIN datasheet