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lateral mosfet

Lateral MOSFET

Exicon MOSFETs have it all: high voltage capability; high slew rate; and low distortion, all of which make these the ideal choice for audio amplifier designs.

Constructed to be completely free of secondary breakdown and thermal runaway, Exicon MOSFETs make complex protection circuitry a thing of the past. Their wide bandwidth, low drive requirements, and ease of paralleling simplify the design of robust amplifiers that deliver excellent sonic characteristics for the most demanding requirements.

To top it off, Exicon MOSFETs are encapsulated in the popular TO3 package, the best solution for thermal performance due to its twin fixing holes and large metal area to conduct away excess heat.


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  Part Number ManufacturerTypeVdsIdVgssPowerPackageCommentsData Sheet
ECF10N20 ECF10N20 EXICONNch200V8A±14V125WTO3 ECF10N20 datasheet
ECF10N20-S ECF10N20-S EXICONNch200V8A±14V125WTO3Selected versionECF10N20-S datasheet
ECF10P20 ECF10P20 EXICONPch-200V-8A±14V125WTO3 ECF10P20 datasheet
ECF10P20-S ECF10P20-S EXICONPch-200V-8A±14V125WTO3Selected versionECF10P20-S datasheet
ECF20N20 ECF20N20 EXICONNch200V16A±14V250WTO3Double die metalECF20N20 datasheet
ECF20P20 ECF20P20 EXICONPch-200V-16A±14V250WTO3Double die metalECF20P20 datasheet
ECW20N20 ECW20N20 EXICONNch200V16A±14V250WTO264Double die plasticECW20N20 datasheet
ECW20N20-S ECW20N20-S EXICONNch200V16A±14V250WTO264Selected versionECW20N20-S datasheet
ECW20P20 ECW20P20 EXICONPch200V-16A±14V250WTO264Double die plasticECW20P20 datasheet
ECW20P20-S ECW20P20-S EXICONPch200V-16A±14V250WTO264Selected versionECW20P20-S datasheet
ECX10N20 ECX10N20 EXICONNch200V8A±14V125WTO247 ECX10N20 datasheet
ECX10N20-S ECX10N20-S EXICONNch200V8A±14V125WTO247Selected versionECX10N20-S datasheet
ECX10P20 ECX10P20 EXICONPch-200V-8A±14V125WTO247 ECX10P20 datasheet
ECX10P20-S ECX10P20-S EXICONPch-200V-8A±14V125WTO247Selected versionECX10P20-S datasheet