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Low Power

The performance and range of transistors on an integrated circuit are limited by the IC process. That's why discrete low power transistors are still the right solution for extending the performance of your circuits.

The following transistors have the enhanced specifications for critical applications.

Part Number ManufacturerVceIchFEPowerBandwidthPackageCommentsData Sheet
MPSA13G OTHER30V0.5A10,0000.625W125MHzTO92 MPSA13G datasheet
2N5401L UNISONIC-160V-0.6Amin800.625W400MHzTO92 2N5401L datasheet
2N5551L UNISONIC160V0.6A1600.625W100MHzTO92 2N5551L datasheet
MPSA42L UNISONIC300V0.5A250.625W50MHzTO92 MPSA42L datasheet
MPSA92L UNISONIC-300V-0.5A250.625W50MHzTO92 MPSA92L datasheet