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power darlington

Power Darlington

Think not much has changed with bipolar power transistors? We've found that to be true, as well - at least for most manufacturers. Sanken however, have continued their tradition of innovation in the field of power semiconductors for audio amplifiers.

The STD03 power darlingtons embody many of Sanken's latest innovations and include on chip thermally compensating biasing diodes that simplify both layout and amplifier design.


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  Part Number ManufacturerVceIchFEPowerBandwidthCobPackageCommentsData Sheet
2SB1560 2SB1560 SANKEN-150V-10A30,000100W50MHz230pfMT100 2SB1560 datasheet
2SB1647 2SB1647 SANKEN-150V-15A5,000130W45MHz320pfMT100 2SB1647 datasheet
2SD2390 2SD2390 SANKEN150V10A30,000100W100MHz95pfMT100 2SD2390 datasheet
2SD2560 2SD2560 SANKEN150V15A5,000130W70MHz120pfMT100 2SD2560 datasheet
STD03N STD03N SANKEN-160V-15A8,000160W0MHz MT-105N STD03N datasheet
STD03P STD03P SANKEN160V15A8,000160W0MHz MT-105P STD03P datasheet