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Voltage Regulator

JRC's regulators are world-class, reliable... and very convenient. Take a look, for example, at the NJM7800 and 7900 series of "isolated" regulators. Packaged in the popular TO-220 outline and nearly indestructible due to their internal current-limiting, thermal shutdown, and safe-area compensation, they require no insulating washer so mounting and heat-sinking is fast and convenient.

Part Number ManufacturerVoltageVoltage RangeCurrentIoutVs maxVref-tolVdrop-outRipple RejectionIquiescentPackageCommentsData Sheet
NJM317F NJR 0VAdj 1.25 to 37V1.5A1.5A40V4%2.2V65dB2.3mATO220-ISO NJM317F datasheet
NJM7805FA NJR 5V5V to 24V1.5A1.5A40V4%2V78dB4.4mATO220-ISO NJM7805FA datasheet
NJM7812FA NJR 12V5V to 24V1.5A1.5A40V4%2V78dB4.4mATO220-ISO NJM7812FA datasheet
NJM7815FA NJR 15V5V to 24V1.5A1.5A40V4%2V78dB4.4mATO220-ISO NJM7815FA datasheet
NJM7818FA NJR 18V5V to 24V1.5A1.5A40V4%2V78dB4.4mATO220-ISO NJM7818FA datasheet
NJM7824FA NJR 24V5V to 24V1.5A1.5A40V4%2V78dB4.4mATO220-ISO NJM7824FA datasheet
NJM7905FA NJR -5V 1.5A      TO220-ISO NJM7905FA datasheet
NJM7912FA NJR -12V-5V to -24V1.5A1.5A40V4%2V60dB2.7mATO220-ISO NJM7912FA datasheet
NJM7915FA NJR -15V-5V to -24V1.5A1.5A40V4%2V60dB2.7mATO220-ISO NJM7915FA datasheet
NJM7918FA NJR -18V-5V to -24V1.5A1.5A40V4%2V60dB2.7mATO220-ISO NJM7918FA datasheet
NJM7924FA NJR -24V-5V to -24V1.5A1.5A40V4%2V60dB2.7mATO220-ISO NJM7924FA datasheet
LM317K-TA3-T UNISONIC 0VAdj 1.3 to 37V1A1A40V4%2.2V80dB3mATO220 LM317K-TA3-T datasheet
LM7812L-TO220 UNISONIC 12V 1A      TO220 LM7812L-TO220 datasheet
LM7815L-TO220 UNISONIC 15V 1A      TO220 LM7815L-TO220 datasheet