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Profusion's range of digital wireless components will cover all of your projects and designs, from surround sound speakers and wireless headphones to microphones and in-car entertainment.

ConversDigital's new wireless DLNA-based mconnect allows users to access media services and stream digital content anywhere, using any device, and enjoy an unrestricted digital audio and entertainment environment.

Summit Semiconductor's award-winning WiSA-compatible Summit Wireless range enables wireless 7.1 home theatre audio with superior, distortion-free audio fidelity. It's transmit technology is designed to be integrated into such devices as digital TVs, sound bars, PA systems, AV receivers, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, and gaming systems

Resolute Audio's wireless technology offers high fidelity audio quality, with very small delay, and robust anti-interference properties.

  Part Number ManufacturerPackageCommentsData Sheet
CDMCM-200 CDMCM-200 ConversDCDMC1Mconnect low cost DLNA moduleCDMCM-200 datasheet
CDMCM-200-EVM CDMCM-200-EVM ConversDCDMCEVCDMCM-200 Eval SystemCDMCM-200-EVM datasheet
CDMCM-210 CDMCM-210 ConversDCDMCM210MConnect DLNA Core Receiver 24bit 192kHzCDMCM-210 datasheet
CDMCM-210-EVM CDMCM-210-EVM ConversDCDMCM210-EVCDMCM-210 Eval SystemCDMCM-210-EVM datasheet
CDMCM-2121-D CDMCM-2121-D ConversDCDMCM2121MConnect complete high quality DLNA solution 
CDMCM-2121-S CDMCM-2121-S ConversDCDMCM2121MConnect complete high quality DLNA solutionCDMCM-2121-S datasheet
SWM908SD-Tx-Module SWM908SD-TX-MODULE SUMMITSWM908-TX8 channel transmitter 24bit 96kHz uncompressedSWM908SD-Tx-Module datasheet
SWS997SD-Rx-Module SWS997SD-RX-MODULE SUMMITSWS997-RX2 channel receiver 24 bit/ 96 KHz uncompressedSWS997SD-Rx-Module datasheet


Pro Audio application brief from Summit Semiconductor
DLNA vs WiSA: Wireless Audio Standards Guide