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balanced line driver

Balanced Line Driver

Recently introduced from THAT Corporation are a line of improved output stages which, like their InGenius line receiver counterparts, provide a bona fide improvement over existing balanced interconnect technology.

The THAT1606 and 1646 use OutSmarts technology, a dual feedback-loop design that prevents the excessive ground currents typical of conventional cross-coupled output stages when clipping into single-ended loads. Both models exhibit low noise and distortion, high slew rate, stability under difficult loads, wide output swing, and have outputs which are short-circuit protected.


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Part Number ManufacturerVs minVs maxIsTHD+NSRGainOutput NoiseZoutPSRRCommentsData Sheet
THAT1606 THAT±4V±18V4.9mA0.0007%15V/μs6dB-101dBu50Ω107dBDifferential inputsTHAT1606Q16-U datasheet
THAT1646 THAT±4V±18V4.9mA0.0007%15V/μs6dB-101dBu50Ω107dBIndustry Standard pin outsTHAT1646S08-U datasheet


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