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balanced line receiver

Balanced Line Receiver

These days you shouldn't settle on a balanced line receiver without looking at the InGenius 1200 series from THAT Corporation. Its patented topology provides what no other electronic input stage can: true insensitivity to the small impedance imbalances that can render conventional line receivers ineffective in real world situations.

Or check out THAT's 1240 series. You will find not just drop-in replacements for other 0dB and -6dB line receivers, but a -3dB version as well. Do the maths! You'll see that with many applications, -3dB provides additional dynamic range with no head room penalty whatsoever. Now that's some clear thinking...

Unbalanced figure below is typical for 600Ω differential source impedance mismatch.


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Part Number ManufacturerVs minVs maxIsGainCMRCMR(unbal)THDOutput NoisePSRRCircuitsCommentsData Sheet
THAT1200 THAT±3V±18V4.7mA0dB90dB70dB0.0005%-106dBu82dB1Transformer like performance, 0dB gainTHAT1200S08-U datasheet
THAT1203 THAT±3V±18V4.7mA-3dB90dB70dB0.0005%-105dBu80dB1Transformer like performance, ±3dB gainTHAT1203S08-U datasheet
THAT1206 THAT±3V±18V4.7mA-6dB90dB70dB0.0005%-107dBu80dB1Transformer like performance, ±6dB gainTHAT1206S08-U datasheet
THAT1240 THAT±3V±18V2mA0dB90dB30dB0.0006%-104dBu90dB1Industry standard 0dB gainTHAT1240S08-U datasheet
THAT1243 THAT±3V±18V2mA-3dB90dB30dB0.0006%-105dBu90dB1Optimized Dynamic Range 15V railsTHAT1243S08-U datasheet
THAT1246 THAT±3V±18V2mA-6dB90dB30dB0.0006%-106dBu90dB1Industry Standard, ±6dB gainTHAT1246S08-U datasheet
THAT1250 THAT±3V±18V2mA0dB50dB30dB0.0006%-103dBu90dB1Low cost, 0dB gainTHAT1250S08-U datasheet
THAT1253 THAT±3V±18V2mA-3dB50dB30dB0.0006%-105dBu90dB1Low cost, ±3dB gainTHAT1253S08-U datasheet THAT1253S08-U datasheet
THAT1256 THAT±3V±18V2mA-6dB50dB30dB0.0006%-106dBu90dB1Low cost, ±6dB gainTHAT1256S08-U datasheet
THAT1280 THAT±3V±18V2mA0dB90dB30dB0.0006%-104.5dBu90dB2Dual, 0dB gainTHAT1280S14-U datasheet
THAT1283 THAT±3V±18V2mA-3dB90dB30dB0.0006%-105.9dBu90dB2Dual, ±3dB gainTHAT1283S14-U datasheet
THAT1286 THAT±3V±18V2mA-6dB90dB30dB0.0006%-107.3dBu90dB2Dual, ±6dB gainTHAT1286S14-U datasheet
THAT1290 THAT±3V±18V6mA0dB50dB30dB0.0006%-104dBu90dB2Low cost dual, 0dB gainTHAT1290Q16-U datasheet
THAT1293 THAT±3V±18V6mA-3dB50dB30dB0.0006%-105.5dBu90dB2Low cost dual,±3dB gainTHAT1293Q16-U datasheet
THAT1296 THAT±3V±18V6mA-6dB50dB30dB0.0006%-107dBu90dB2Low cost dual, ±6dB gainTHAT1296Q16-U datasheet


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