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Class D Amplifier


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Part Number ManufacturerChannelsPoutNote 1InputVs maxVs minEfficiencyTHD+NNote 2Stand-byMuteCommentsData Sheet
ENGINE-400 ICE BRICKS1400WVs=56V,(RL=4Ω)Analogue±60V±32V 0.002%@1W rmsNoYesSuper compact Class D amplifierENGINE-400 datasheet
MA12040P MERUS AUDIO240WVs=18V, (RL=4Ω)I2S20V4.5V91%0.01%20W, RL=4ΩYesYeseximo™ Multi-level Switching TechnologyMA12040PQFN datasheet
MA12040 MERUS AUDIO240WVs=18V, (RL=4Ω)Analogue20V4.5V91%0.01%20W, RL=4ΩYesYeseximo™ Multi-level Switching TechnologyMA12040QFN datasheet
MA12070-SNOWBALL MERUS AUDIO280WW0.004% distortion          
MA12070P-SNOWBALL MERUS AUDIO280WW0.004% distortion          
MA12070P MERUS AUDIO270W I2S24V4.5V93%0.02% YesYes2x70W, 1x140W or 4x25WMA12070PQFN datasheet MA12070PQFN datasheet
MA12070 MERUS AUDIO270W Analogue24V4.5V93%0.02% YesYes 2x70W, 1x140W or 4x25WMA12070QFN datasheet
NJU8754 NJR10.6WVs=3.6V, (RL=8Ω)Analogue5.25V2.7V83%0.05%600mW, RL=8ΩYesYesQFN20-M1, SSOP10NJU8754V datasheet
NJU8758 NJR11.5WVs=5V, (RL=8Ω)Analogue5.5V1.8V80%0.05%200mW, RL=8ΩYesYesSSOP14NJU8758V datasheet
NJU8789 NJR10.5WVs=3.3V, (RL=8Ω)PWM/PDM4.5V1.8V  500mW, RL=8ΩYesNoSSOP10NJU8789V datasheet
NJW1263 NJR1 35Vpp at VDDO=20V, CAnalogue4.2V3V 0.05%ZL = 1.5μFYesYesWCSP42NJW1263WLC1 datasheet