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The Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) we offer are designed specially for audio, and in many cases are preloaded with firmware for specific applications. For example the FV-1 from SPIN Semiconductor comes with 7 expertly written algorithms for reverb, chorus and other effects. The DREAM chips are renowned for the Soundbank firmware delivering sound synthesis for keybords, drums or create your own.


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Part Number ManufacturerI/OApplicationsCommentsData Sheet
SAM2634 DREAM2 in 2 out (digital) Synthesisers, keyboards, karaokeLow power synthesiser - EffectsSAM2634 datasheet
SAM2635 DREAM1 in 2 out (analogue) Synthesisers, keyboards, karaokeSynthesiser - Effects + CODECSAM2635 datasheet SAM2635 datasheet
SAM2653 DREAM2 in 4 out (digital)Pianos, digital drums, keyboardsSingle Chip Digital Musical InstrumentSAM2653 datasheet
SAM2655 DREAM1 in 2 out (analogue)Pianos, digital drums, keyboardsDigital Musical Instrument + CODECSAM2655 datasheet
SAM2695 DREAM1 in 2 out (analogue)Battery powered keyboards, phones, music on holdLow cost single MIDI chip synthSAM2695 datasheet
SAM5504 DREAM14 in 16 outUSB audio interface, speaker crossover, digital effectsLow Cost Effects ProcessorSAM5504B datasheet
SAM5704 DREAM16 in 16 outDigital effects gear, speaker processing, speaker crossover, USB audio interface4 core Audio DSPSAM5704B datasheet
SAM5716 DREAM16 in 16 outHigh end digital effects, karaoke, DJ mixer16 core Audio DSPSAM5716B datasheet SAM5716B datasheet
SAM5808 DREAM16 in 16 outHigh end digital effects, karaoke, DJ mixer8 core Audio DSPSAM5808B datasheet SAM5808B datasheet
SAM5916 DREAM16 in 16 outSmall digital mixers, high-end piano16 core Audio DSPSAM5916B datasheet SAM5916B datasheet
SPN1001-FV1 SPIN  + 8 custom effectsSPN1001-FV1 datasheet
AL3201 WAVEFRONT  Digital Effects ProcessorAL3201BG datasheet


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