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Evaluation Boards

Part Number ManufacturerCommentsData Sheet
AT1201EVK ARDAEvaluation Board for ARDA ADCAT1201EVK datasheet
CSEVB6101R3 CANAANEvaluation board for the CS6A modelsCSEVB6101R3 datasheet
CSEVB6204R1 CANAANEvaluation board for the CS6A4989 ICCSEVB6204R1 datasheet
CSEVB6301R1 CANAANEvaluation board for the CS6A4689 ICCSEVB6301R1 datasheet
CDMCM-2121-EVM ConversDEvalboard for the CDMCM-2121audio receiverCDMCM-2121-EVM-S datasheet
SAM2000-SOUND-DK DREAMSound Development KitSAM2000-SOUND-DK datasheet
SAM2634-DK DREAMSAM2634 Development Board GMSAM2634-DK datasheet
SAM2635-EK DREAMSAM2635 Evaluation BoardSAM2635-EK datasheet
SAM2653PIA-DK DREAMDevelopment Board + FrontpanelSAM2653PIA-DK datasheet
SAM2655PIA-DK DREAMSAM2655 Evaluation BoardSAM2655PIA-DK datasheet
SAM2695-EK DREAMStand alone MIDI in/Stereo outSAM2695-EK datasheet
SAM5000-SDK DREAMSound Development KitSAM5000-SDK datasheet
SAM5504GTFX-EK DREAMGuitar FX + FrontpanelSAM5504GTFX-EK datasheet SAM5504GTFX-EK datasheet SAM5504GTFX-EK datasheet
SAM5704GTFX-EK DREAMGuitar FX + FrontpanelSAM5704GTFX-EK datasheet SAM5704GTFX-EK datasheet SAM5704GTFX-EK datasheet
MOTHERBOARD-1 ICE BRICKS2 channel reference design using Engine-400 and AUX-plantMOTHERBOARD-1 datasheet MOTHERBOARD-1 datasheet
MAS6116EB MASEvaluation BoardMAS6116EB datasheet
MAS6240EB MASEval Board - Piezo DriverMAS6240EB datasheet
MUSES72320-EV MUSES by NJREvaluation BoardMUSES72320-EV datasheet
NemFXSC-RDC-RefExt NEMESISReference Design Board 
SPN1001-DEVB SPINUSB poweredSPN1001-DEVB datasheet
THAT1200-DEMO THAT THAT1200-DEMO datasheet
THAT1240-DEMO THATTHAT1240 Demonstration BoardTHAT1240-DEMO datasheet
THAT1510/1512-DEMO THAT THAT1510/1512-DEMO datasheet
THAT1580-5171-Demo THATUSB controlledTHAT1580-5171-DEMO datasheet
THAT1583-5173-DEMO THAT THAT1583-5173-DEMO datasheet
THAT158X-5263-DEMO THATUSB ControlledTHAT158X-5263-DEMO datasheet
THAT1606/1646-DEMO THAT THAT1600-DEMO datasheet
THAT2180DEMO THAT THAT2180DEMO datasheet
THAT2181DEMO THAT THAT2181DEMO datasheet
THAT4301DEMO THAT THAT4301DEMO datasheet
THAT4320DEMO THAT THAT4320DEMO-A datasheet