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medium power-driver

Medium Power-Driver

Looking for really good driver transistors for a bipolar power amplifier design? With their exceptionally linear gain characteristics, Sanken's 2SA1668/2SC4382 deliver less distortion and better sound compared to the competition.


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Part Number ManufacturerVceIchFEPowerBandwidthCommentsData Sheet
KSE340 OTHER300V0.5A10020W10MHzNPN Complement to KSE350KSE340 datasheet
KSE350 OTHER-300V-0.5A10020W10MHzPNP Complement to KSE 340KSE350 datasheet
2SA1668 SANKEN-200V-2A6025W20MHzPNP Complement to 2SC43822SA1668 datasheet
2SA1725 SANKEN-80V-6A5030W20MHzPNP Complement to 2SC45112SA1725 datasheet
2SC4382 SANKEN200V2A6025W15MHzNPN Complement to 2SA16682SC4382 datasheet
2SC4511 SANKEN80V6A5030W20MHzNPN Complement to 2SA17252SC4511 datasheet
2SA1837 UNISONIC-230V-1A18020W70MHzPNP Complement to 2SC47932SA1837LB-TF3T datasheet
2SB649 UNISONIC-160V-1.5A1600.6W140MHzPNP Complement to 2SD6692SB649AL-C-T92-K datasheet
2SC4793 UNISONIC230V1A18020W70MHzNPN Complement to 2SA18372SC4793LB-TF3T datasheet
2SD669 UNISONIC160V1.5A16020W140MHzNPN Complement to 2SB6492SD669AL-T60-K datasheet
BD139 UNISONIC80V1.5A10012.5W190MHzNPN Complement to BD140BD139-16 datasheet
BD140 UNISONIC-80V-1.5A10012.5W190MHzPNP Complement to BD139BD140-16 datasheet