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microphone pre-amplifier

Microphone Pre-amplifier

THAT Corporation produces a range of high performance preamplifiers with impressive audio specs designed for microphone amplifiers, but equally suitable for use in sonar and for bus summing in audio mixers.

The latest pre-amps from THAT use external gain setting resistors, which gives two significant benefits over original types such as the 1510. The first option is to use a digital gain controller, which enables the functionality expected by users today (for example, controlling their audio gear with a tablet or computer). The second benefit is lower noise at low gain, as the feedback resistors are external and are optimised to reduce noise over a wide gain range

The 1510 and 1512 also remain popular today, being pin compatible with the SSM2017, SSM2019 and INA217, but perform better overall. To see a detailed performance comparison follow the link below.


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Part Number ManufacturerVs maxVs minDigital ControlNoise 0dBNoise 60dBTHD+NBW @0dB gainBW @60dB gainSRIsCommentsData Sheet
THAT1510 THAT±20V±5Vno57nV/√Hz1nV/√Hz0.0005%15MHz3MHz19V/μs6mAIndustry StandardTHAT1510S08-U datasheet
THAT1512 THAT±20V±5Vno34nV/√Hz1nV/√Hz0.001%11MHz1.6MHz19V/μs6mAImproved 1510 use 5k gain potentiometerTHAT1512S08-U datasheet
THAT1570 THAT±18V±5V yes 18.5nV/√Hz1nV/√Hz0.0003%12MHz0.6MHz53V/μs7.5mAUltra High PerformanceTHAT1570N16-U datasheet
THAT1580 THAT±18V±5V yes 18.3nV/√Hz1nV/√Hz0.0003%7.5MHz0.4MHz53V/μs7.9mAUltra High Performance cost reduced 1570THAT1580N16-U datasheet
THAT1583 THAT±18V±5V yes 40nV/√Hz1.9nV/√Hz0.0006%14MHz0.19MHz50V/μs7mAHigh PerformanceTHAT1583N16-U datasheet
BA3308 UNISONIC14V  no 0nV/√Hz0nV/√Hz0.1%   3.3mADual low cost pre-amp with ALCBA3308L-SOP14-R datasheet


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