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Power Amplifier ICs

Part Number ManufacturerChannelsPowerNote 1Vs maxVs minTHDNote 2BandwidthSRCommentsData Sheet
CS6A4689 CANAAN210W ±9V±4.5V0.0032%1kHz into 16Ω>80kHz13V/μsIdeal for pro audio and headphonesCS6A4689 datasheet
CS6A4983 CANAAN110Winto 4Ω±12V±4.5V0.0032%1kHz into 8Ω >80kHz13V/μsIdeal for hi-fiCS6A4983-IS-G datasheet
CS6A4989 CANAAN24Winto 8Ω±11V±4.5V0.0032%1kHz into 8Ω>80kHz13V/μsIdeal for hi-fi and headphonesCS6A4989-IS-G datasheet
TDA7294 OTHER100   0.1V    Mono 
TDA2003 UNISONIC110Winto 2Ω 18V8V0.15%at 7.5W into 2Ω15kHz Single channelTDA2003L-TB5-T datasheet
TDA2030 UNISONIC118Winto 4Ω±22V±6V0.03%at 14W into 4Ω100kHz8V/μsSingle channel Class AB TDA2030AL datasheet
TDA2050 UNISONIC150Winto 4Ω±25V±4.5V0.02%at 20 W into 8Ω80kHz8V/μsSingle channel Class AB TDA2050L-TV datasheet
TDA2822 UNISONIC20.65Winto 4Ω12V1.8V0.5%0.2W into 8Ω  Pin compatible to NJM2073TDA2822L-D08-T datasheet
TDA7265 UNISONIC225Winto 8Ω±25V±5V0.7%at 15W into 8Ω 10V/μsStereoTDA7265L datasheet
TDA7297 UNISONIC210Winto 8Ω18V6.5V0.1%at 1W into 8Ω15kHz StereoTDA7297L datasheet