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Sanken understand what's really important when it comes to power transistors: excellent fidelity...and high reliability. Sanken delivers on both.

The main cause of failure in most power transistors is secondary breakdown at high voltages. What is often not understood is that secondary breakdown can occur at surprisingly low currents. Sanken's unique LAPT process provides not only the linear gain characteristics and high frequency operation you need for great sound, but exceptional resistance to secondary breakdown - and hence enhanced reliability.

Don't be fooled, either, by large package sizes which may disguise a small chip, or by current ratings based primarily on bond wire capacity, rather than chip size. With Sanken transistors, you can count on real-world dependability.

Part Number ManufacturerVceIchFEPowerBandwidthCobCommentsData Sheet
2SA1216 SANKEN-180V-17A30200W40MHz500pfPNP Complement to 2SC29222SA1216Y datasheet
2SA1294 SANKEN-230V-15A40130W35MHz500pfPNP Complement to 2SC32632SA1294 datasheet
2SA1295 SANKEN-230V-17A50200W35MHz500pfPNP Complement to 2SC32642SA1295-O datasheet
2SA1386 SANKEN-160V-15A50130W40MHz500pfPNP Complement to 2SC35192SA1386 datasheet
2SA2223 SANKEN-260V-15A50160W35MHz500pfPNP Complement to 2SC6145A2SA2223A datasheet
2SC2922 SANKEN180V17A30200W50MHz250pfNPN Complement to 2SA12162SC2922Y datasheet
2SC3263 SANKEN230V15A50130W60MHz250pfNPN Complement to 2SA12942SC3263 datasheet
2SC3264 SANKEN230V17A50200W60MHz250pfNPN Complement to 2SA12952SC3264-O datasheet
2SC3519 SANKEN160V15A50130W50MHz250pfNPN Complement to 2SA13862SC3519 datasheet
2SC6145 SANKEN260V15A50160W60MHz250pfNPN Complement to 2SA2223A2SC6145A datasheet
2SA1943 UNISONIC-230V-15A80150W30MHz360pfComplement to 2SC52002SA1943L-O datasheet
2SC5200 UNISONIC230V15A80150W30MHz200pfComplement to 2SA19432SC5200L-O datasheet
TIP41 UNISONIC100V6A3065W3MHz NPN Complement to TIP42TIP41CL-TA3-T datasheet
TIP42 UNISONIC-100V-6A3065W3MHz PNP Complement to TIP41TIP42CL-TA3-T datasheet