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Part Number ManufacturerChannelsVs minVs maxVolume RangeInput SelectorInterfaceCommentsData Sheet
MAS6116 MAS24.5V5.5V-111.5 to +15.5 / 0.5dB steps±18V pro-level input signal3-Wired SerialTHD+N 0.0002% Balanced MonoMAS6116AA1SA306 datasheet
MUSES72320 MUSES by NJR2±8.5V±18V-111.5 to +31.5 / 0.25dB steps±18V pro-level input signal3-Wired SerialTHD+N 0.0005% StereoMUSES72320V-TE2 datasheet
NJU72340A NJR8±4.5V±7.5V+31.5 to -95.0dB/0.5dBstep, mute8-input/2-Output (Stereo:8,Mono:1)2-Wired SerialLQFP52-H3NJU72340AFH3 datasheet
NJU72341 NJR24.5V14.5V0 to -95.0dB/1dBstep, mute I2C BusSSOP14NJU72341A datasheet
NJU72342 NJR44.5V14.5V0 to -95.0dB/1dBstep, mute I2C BusSSOP14NJU72342A datasheet
NJU72343 NJR8±4.5V±7.5V+31.5 to -95.0dB/0.5dBstep, mute2 inputs on 4 of the 8 channels2-Wired SerialGain switched on zero crossing NJU72343V-TE1 datasheet
NJU72344 NJR2±4.5V±7.5V0 to -95dB/1dB step, 0 to +24dB/3dB steps 2-Wired SerialGain switched on zero crossing NJU72344V datasheet
NJU7391A NJR24.7V9.7V0 to -95.0dB/1dBstep, muteStereo:5-input/1-Output3-Wired SerialSSOP32NJU7391AV datasheet
NJU7392 NJR22.7V5.5V0 to -68dB/mute2-in(1-Diff,+ 1-SE)/1-OutputPush ButtonSSOP32NJU7392A datasheet
NJW1159 NJR2±4.5V±7.5V0 to -95dB/1dB step, mute 3-Wired SerialDIP16, DMP16, SSOP16NJW1159M datasheet
NJW1184 NJR47.5V13V0 to -100dB/0.5dB step, mute I2C BUSDIP20, DMP20NJW1184M datasheet
NJW1192 NJR47.5V13V+6 to -30dB/1dB step, -30 to -68dB/2dB step, muteStereo: 3-input +I2C BUSSSOP32NJW1192 datasheet
NJW1194 NJR2±4.5V±7.5V+31.5 to -95dB/0.5dB step, muteStereo: 4-input/1-Output3-Wired SerialSSOP32NJW1194V datasheet
NJW1195A NJR4±3.5V±7.5V+31.5 to -95dB/0.5dB step, muteStereo: 4-input/2-Output (Differential :2-input/ 1-Output)3-Wired SerialSSOP32NJW1195AV-TE2 datasheet
NJW1200 NJR22.7V5.5V0 to -78dB/2dB step, muteDifferential: 2-input/1-OutputI2C BUSSSOP32NJW1200 datasheet
NJW1201A NJR27.5V10V0 to -90dB/mute6-in(1-Diff,+ 5-SE)/1-OutputI2C BUSLQFP52-H2NJW1201A datasheet
NJW1298 NJR8±4.5V±7.5V+31.5 to -95.0dB/0.5dBstep, muteStereo:13-input/4-output , 8ch.:2-input/1-output3-Wired SerialQFP100-U1NJW1298FU1 datasheet