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With an emphasis on wireless digital audio and smart phone application, ConversDigital's components are ideally suited to consumer electronics applications.

ConversDigital's new wireless DLNA-based mconnect allows users to access media services and stream digital content anywhere, using any device, and enjoy an unrestricted digital audio and entertainment environment.

High performance wireless audio with the CDMCM-210 & CDMCM-2121 modules

The mconnect CDMCM-210 and CDMCM-2121 modules have been designed with your project's future in mind, and are built around the concept of perpetual adoption of the latest developments in audio technology.

For high-end audio applications, please consider the CDMCM-210, with its impressive 24bit audio resolution and up to 192kHz sampling rate, as well as interoperability with AirPlay; Apple's established feature that allows effortless streaming from iPhones, iPads and iPods. The CDMCM-210 also allows the flexibility for developers to add either a WiFi module, USB WiFi dongle and/or LAN/USB controller, and any other future network technology.

The CDMCM-2121 is a sophisticated audio receiver module for use in audio hubs, wireless DAC, smartphone docking audio, and networked audio streaming. It offers designers the complete package, with easy integration of additional connectivity to other wireless standards such as Bluetooth and WiSA.

These versatile modules all include industry standard DLNA 1.5 and UpnP interoperability, and support for all major audio file formats. They also include multi-room capability, which grants customers unprecedented flexibility in synchronizing their home audio.

ConversDigital provides superior customer support in the form of a dedicated smartphone/tablet app, DLNA/UPnP software components to support development of connected products, and a range of eval boards and wireless development devices.

mconnect Player and mconnect Control Apps

With the mconnect Player and Control apps, developers are guaranteed software support for the CDMCM-210 and CDMCM-2121 modules. Both are available for download on iOS and Android, and compatible with all leading smartphones and tablets.

The app acts as a fully functional network music player, with an intuitive interface, extensive audio file information and cover imagery, folder browsing for a phone's file system and playlist management across servers.

Developers can expect excellent interoperability with DLNA devices in the market, and both cloud server access and internet music service integration. The app can currently access files on Dropbox and OneDrive, with Deezer and vTuner integration available from Dec 2014. Further platforms are to be announced.

Also available to consumers is the mconnect Control app, which has all of the features of the Player app plus additional multi-room/party mode functionality, allowing users to play music simultaneously from separate groups of speakers.

Developer will have access to the mconnect Software Platform, a range of DLNA/UPnP software components designed to support the development of connected of A/V products and related services. This includes the mconnect DMC(Digital Media Controller), a library of DLNA/UPnP protocol stacks for mobile apps.

mconnect WiFi DAC & Receiver box

As well as pushing the frontier of wireless audio technology, ConversDigital manufactures a WiFi DAC, a WiFi Music Receiver and a set of WiFi speakers that may be of interest to developers. These are available as a complete module or as a turnkey product for OEMs and ODMs. Contact Profusion for further details (or view the PDFs attached below).

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