Dream Sound Synthesis

ICs for digital pianos and keyboards

Dream Sound Synthesis offers an array of flexible sound synthesis and effects processor ICs.

Since 1987 the company has been developing quick-development solutions for keyboards, synthesizers, karaoke equipment and other MI devices which require high-quality customizable sound banks, sonic manipulation, and effects.

Based on a set of programmable digital Integrated Circuits and their innovative sound synthesis technology, Dream's line of DSPs spans the full pricing range, from high-quality to value, and is supported by reference designs, sound banks and intuitive development tools.

Dream's latest addition to its DSP range, the SAM5000 series, is built around a highly optimized 16-bit CPU and a configurable array of hardware accelerated 24-bit DSP cores. With a sophisticated sample buffering system, multi-channel audio DMA and support for a large variety of memory types, the SAM5000 ICs deliver high-performance sound synthesis, audio processing and effects generation.

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