Sanken's power transistors belong to that small group of components that truly deserve the title "legendary". At the core of some of the best-known "big" amplifiers of the 70s, Sanken transistors continue to be found wherever high performance and the very best audio quality are critical design parameters.

Of special interest to audio engineers is Sanken's LAPT (Large Area Parallel Transistor) line which use multiple thermally-coupled transistors in parallel. The result is composite transistors that maintain their excellent linear gain characteristics even at full output current, and provide extended frequency response, typically to 40MHz. Best of all, however, is their extraordinary resistance to secondary breakdown. No other audio transistor can match Sanken for power handling at over 100V!

Need even lower distortion? Try Sanken's STD transistors, LAPT designs that add built in bias-current temperature compensation.

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