THAT Corporation

THAT Corporation is at the very forefront of performance analogue design for the audio industry. As THAT's premier distributor in the UK and Europe, Profusion is proud to carry the full line of products from this truly innovative company.

Headquartered in Massachusetts, the company is justly famous for its industry standard voltage-controlled amplifiers (VCAs) and all-in-one Analog Engines. THAT's components are at the heart of products ranging from the humblest rack-mount compressor to the loftiest large-format mixing desk.

THAT have turned their considerable engineering expertise to making significant improvements in key analogue product categories. Check out their wide range of microphone preamps which offer the best low noise performance and digital control functionality. In addition the patented InGenius line of balanced line receivers, for example, solves the single major weakness of conventional input stages - rapid degradation of common mode rejection resulting from very small source impedance imbalances.

Useful Links & Support

Presentation. Analog Secrets Your Mother Never Told You (1.49MB)
Demonstration Systems and Adapter Boards
Analogue IC Cross Reference to other manufacturers partnumbers
LED Bar-Graph Compression Indicator
Basic Compressor/Limiter Design

The Mathematics of Log-Based Dynamic Processors
Digital Gain Control with Analog VCAs
Signal Limiter for Power Amplifiers
Improving Loudspeaker Signal Handling Capability

A Low Parts Count, Two-Slope Compressor
A Fully Adjustable Noise Gate
Improving VCA Performance I
Improving VCA Performance II and III
Low-Voltage Compressor / Limiter

A Simple Effective Soft-Knee Compressor / Limiter
Single Chip Automatic Gain Control
5.1 Channel Volume Control
Operating Log/Anti-log VCAs Off ±24V Supplies
Adaptive Attack and Release Rates using THAT RMS Detectors

Fully Adjustable Compressor/Limiter
Techniques for Stereo Volume Control
Input Limiter for ADCs
High Performance Stereo AGC
Wide Ranging dB Meter

VCAs in a Pan Potentiometer Application
VCA Symmetry Auto-Trim Circuit
Interchanging the THAT218x and the THAT215x Series VCAs
The "One Knob Squeezer"

Replacing the SSM2120 Level Detector
Upgrading Modular VCAs
What?s a PTAT Temp. Coefficient, & Where Does It Come From?
A Low-Cost VCA Limiter
VCA-Controlled 1st Order State Variable Filter

Dealing with the PTAT Coefficient
Achieving Optimum CMRR with Differential Input A/D Converters
Substituting THAT 218x VCAs for 215x VCAs in Existing Designs
Configuring gain with the THAT 1510 and 1512
Input & Output Circuits for THAT Preamplifier ICs

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