Headphone Addict & AMS1000-2600 Build Tutorial

Headphone Addict - AMS1000-2600

Profusion’s ever-popular Anaveiw AMS1000-2600 recently featured in a detailed DIY build tutorial by headphone enthusiast the Headphone Addict.

The blogger installed the class D, 2 channel bridgable amplifier module into a 19″ 2U rack mount chassis, and praised the amp’s flexibility and extremely low levels of hiss and noise, as well as the quality of Profusion’s packaging.

The Headphone Addict was impressed with the finished product, and described the AMS1000’s sound as “really, really detailed without being sibilant or harsh. To describe the upper mids and treble, I’d say it has extremely good resolution … I still hear clear improvements compared to the amplifiers I’ve had driving the mids and top end before. For mid and top end I’d say that the Anaview AMS1000-2600 delivers extremely clear and distinct sonics with very high resolution.”

It’s an informative and candid read, and in the words of the Headphone Addict himself, will “show you how a total noob can get fairly decent results without fancy tools or machinery.”

Read the tutorial at diygeezer.com/anaview-ams1000-tutorial/.