Headphone Addict Tries Anaview AMS0100-2300

Headphone Addict

The Headphone Addict is once more waxing lyrical about our Anaview amplifiers.

The blogger and headphone enthusiast recently built an impressive Class D amplifier using the AMS1000-2600 module and a 19″ 2U rack mount chassis, praising the amp’s flexibility and extremely low levels of hiss and noise.

This time the Addict is planning to build an amp using the smaller AMS0100-2300 stereo amplifier module, placed within a compact Galaxy GX147 chassis, and is already impressed with the component’s low distortion.

He’s also upgraded the aforementioned AMS1000-2600 amp with a second module, and is exteremly excited about the results.

You can read the Headphone Addict’s detailed report at diygeezer.com/anaview-amplifier-upgrade/.