Archwave AudioLAN Modules Now Available to Buy Online

Archwave’s trio of AES67-complaint off-the-shelf audio networking modules are now available to buy directly from

Archwave AudioLAN


AES67 is a proven open standard for transporting audio channels over Internet Protocol (AoIP) at professional audio quality. The basic standard is 16 or 24bit uncompressed with 1 to 8 channel streams, and 48kHz sampling. Fixed latency is 1ms and all channels in a clock domain are synchronised.

Archwave supports additional options for higher sampling rates (96kHz and 192kHz), lower latency and more flexible streams. New in AES67-2018 is the PIC statement that must be provided by the audio gear manufacturer, which confirms the options supported.

AES67 is licence-free with multiple solution providers, and is now incorporated into the new broadcasting standard SMPTE2210. This is the audio transport to invest in today.

Archwave AudioLAN

Easy Integration 

Archwave delivers the ultimate pro audio experience through highly integrated audio interface processors & software:

  • AES67 open standard
  • Fast to market
  • No software development license fee
  • Low cost modules
  • Native support for RAVENNA
  • DanteTM interoperable in AES67 mode*
  • Allows connection to Q-LAN and Wheatstone networks
  • USB bridging
  • Tunneling for ethernet control

*DanteTM is a trademark of Audinate.

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The Modules

Archwave’s AES67-compliant networking modules are the culmination of two decades of streaming experience, built on the principles of easy integration, open software standards and maximum compatibility. Simple to use and competitively priced, these off-the-shelf modules are ideal for networks of any size.


Up to 32 channels plus USB.


Up to 16 channels.


2 channels in, 2 channels out plus USB.

Eval Kits

Separate eval board for each uNet module available.

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