Experience the ultimate in audio networking compatibility with Archwave AudioLAN

Archwave’s new AudioLAN series of AES67-compliant networking modules is the culmination of two decades of streaming experience, built on the principles of easy integration, open software standards and maximum compatibility. Simple to use and competitively priced, these off-the-shelf module and software packages are ideal for small and medium networks.

The AudioLAN range uses CopperLAN’s open protocol, and is AES67 and Ravenna compliant. Each module features plug & play, 2-32 channels of uncompressed audio, and optional remote control via CopperLan and Ember+.

Archwave AudioLAN series

Profusion currently stocks the following AudioLAN modules: the diminutive but formidable uNET MINI (up to 4 audio channels), the small but versatile uNET COMPACT (up to 16 audio channels), and the uNET STANDARD (up to 32 channels plus USB, ethernet and optional local I/O bridging).

Archwave AudioLAN software interface

Intuitive browser-based interface

AudioLAN’s attractive and intuitive browser-based software is designed to set up and refine a small to medium audio network with minimum hassle. It allows asymmetric configuration (e.g. 2-in, 30-out), and due to Archwave’s principles on open standards, works with all AES67 and Ravenna compliant audio products.

The software is easy to design and integrate, and the module’s firmware can be modified. Larger runs of modules can be preprogrammed during production, with rapid time to market.

AES67 interoperability and Dante network compatibility

AudioLAN’s plug & play feature automatically recognises Archwave nodes, and can scan and remember non-Archwave products for effortless future set-ups.

Due to interoperability with all AES67-compliant nodes, the software is even compatible with Dante audio products, such that audio streams can be routed to and from Dante networks.

Please visit our Archwave page to further examine and compare the AudioLAN line.