Build Effects Pedals with THAT Corporation Designs

The folks at THAT Corporation have put together a series of handy schematics for effects pedal designs, all featuring THAT’s Analog Engine IC range.

THAT Corporation - Analog Engines effect pedal designs

The schematics can be found here. Although they’re currently limited to just compressor and one-knob squeezer applications, THAT plans to extend the list with additional designs.

All the THAT parts included in the featured designs can be purchased from the Profusion website:

THAT ICProfusion Part nbrDescription
4315Q16-UTHAT4315Q16-UAnalog Engine
4316Q16-UTHAT4316Q16-UAnalog Engine
4320Q28-UTHAT4320Q28-UAnalog Engine
4320N24-UTHAT4320N24-UAnalog Engine, QFN package
1606Q16-UTHAT1606Q16-UBalanced Line Driver