Introducing Burson’s Supreme Sound V5 Op-amp

Profusion is pleased to announce another addition to its extensive range of audio focused products: Burson’s Supreme Sound V5 discrete op-amp.

The result of five generations of development and over ten years of research, the V5 is a mere 29mm (1.14in) in height. When combined with the standard DIP8 footprint, this makes it the smallest discrete op-amp available on the market today and ideal for upgrading existing designs.

Burson V5 op amps

Details of exactly which op-amps can be suitably replaced by the V5 are shown on the Burson website.

So confident are Burson in the product’s quality, that every V5 op-amp comes complete with a lifetime guarantee. Something no other op-amp manufacturer dares to match.

When we gave them to Profusion’s in-house expert to test, he came back utterly stunned; declaring them the best op-amps he’d ever listened to. In fact, we’ve still not convinced him to give the samples back and they currently reside in his own gear.

The op-amps come in both single and dual variants. To find out more and view the datasheets, please visit the product pages for the V5-OPA-S (single) and V5-OPA-D (dual).