Canaan CS6A4689: High Performance Headphone Amps

Canaan Semiconductor’s new CS6A4689 is a high efficiency dynamic Class A driven audio amplifier, designed for studio and audiophile quality headphones.

The CS6A4689 operates nominally from ±9V, to deliver up to 2Wrms output (into 16Ω headphones) with no output capacitors necessary.Canaan’s patented servo-assisted Class A design is free from crossover distortion, and offers very low total distortion and noise (THD+N = 0.0032%) yet draws very little power (Icc = 16mA typ). The amplifier requires very few external components to set the feedback, the advantage being that the user can adjust the feedback for tonal preferences.

Available in a SIP-10 package and RoHS compliant.