Compact, Efficient and Powerful: Class D Audio Amplifier Modules from ICEpower

Profusion are pleased to announce that we are now an authorised seller of ICEpower parts, most notably ICEpower’s class D amplifier modules.

The ASP, ASC and ASX modules are compact and efficient audio solutions that combine great sounding class D amplifiers with switch mode power supplies. Design and build innovative, high-quality audio products fast and cost-effectively.

Profusion currently stocks 7 different ICEpower lines, including the ICEmatch and ICEbricks modules, and have an ICEpower amp available for any type or level of application:

A Series

The ICEpower A Series are high-performance general-purpose class D amplifiers. They are essentially the ASP modules minus a power supply, and can be used on their own, powered by a linear power supply, or powered by the hanger bus from the modules in the ASP series for creating 2 channel amplifiers, 2-way and 3-way active speakers.

ASP Series

The ICEpower ASP Series are high-performance, highly durable class D amplifiers for professional use, particularly touring. They are built to withstand mechanical vibration, shock from being transported and severe weather.

ASC Series

The ICEpower ASC Series of class D amplifiers are the perfect solution for consumer applications and guitar/bass amplifiers, including such features as universal mains, ErP compliant standby and wake-on-signal.

ASX Series

The ICEpower ASX Series are ultra-compact, lightweight class D audio amplifiers with integrated power supplies. These flexible and reliable modules strike the perfect balance between low cost and carefully chosen features, and all four modules can be combined as application building blocks to generate a wide variety of 1-8 channel audio applications in consumer or professional audio products.

ICEmatch & ICExtend

The ICEpower ICEmatch modules are designed to be paired, for incredible sound quality and endless design freedom. One 400SM audio power supply can power up to eight slim and light 80AM2 modules.

ICExtend is a solution designed to extend the functionality and features of the ASX, ASP and ICEtheater series of modules.