ConversDigital’s CDMCM-210 and -2121: Now Supporting MQA

ConversDigital mconnect - supporting MQA

ConversDigital’s DLNA-based mconnect modules are persistently evolving. Following on from last year’s adoption of music services Spotify and Tidal, the CDMCM-210 and CDMCM-2121 modules now support MQA – the new ultra-high resolution digital audio format.

What is MQA?

Unlike conventional audio formats, which compromise sound quality in order to compress audio file sizes, MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) uses an advanced encapsulation process to deliver a sound that faithfully recreates the original master recording. The MQA file format is comparable to CD in terms of file size, but can be streamed or downloaded in lossless format when decoded.

Tidal has already integrated MQA to provide its subscribers with master quality recordings, and licensees of the format include Bluesound, Brinkmann, Meridian, MSB and NAD.

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ConversDigital mconnect 2121 and 210 diagrams

We feel that MQA integration is just one more reason to consider implementing the mconnect into your audio designs.

All three mconnect modules support DLNA/UPnP over wired LAN and 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi for playback from server devices on the network, are now Airplay-ready and support a wide range of audio formats. The 2121 and 210 modules also feature Roon connectivity.

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