ConversDigital Provides DLNA-based Solutions for Connected Audio

Profusion distributes new line of networked audio components

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Stand-alone audio devices are fast going the way of the compact cassette. Professionals and consumers want to play their media content wirelessly wherever they are, from any source, to any playbck device. And they want to control their audio from their smartphones, tablets, and dedicated controllers. So where does the savvy product design engineer go to get wireless network and control capabilities for their interconnected audio components?

mconnect receiver diagram

The answer lies with the mconnect product line from ConversDigital, distributed by Profusion plc. The mconnect line has complete DLNA-based solutions (including the mconnect player, mconnect receiver, and mconnect firmware) to enable streaming from server devices or the Internet to playback devices on the local network, using smartphones or other devices as full-function controllers. mconnect solutions from ConversDigital make it easy to bring full interconnected audio functionality to products like wi-fi speakers and receivers, docking stations, component audio, automotive audio, and more.

The ConversDigital CDMCM-200 mconnect receiver module, for example, packs the following on a 35mm x 63mm PCB:

  • DLNA/UPnP Compliant for audio playback
  • Wireless (IEEE 802.11n) plus wired 10/100 Ethernet
  • Supports Wireless Access Point and Wi-Fi Direct
  • Option for bespoke iOS and Android Apps
  • Audio input: MP3, ATRAC, WMA, WAV, FLAC, AAC, ALAC
  • Audio output: I2S 16 bit up to 96kHz (24 bit support)
  • RF: 2.4GHz, external antenna with diversity (typical range indoors 30m)

Also in the line are the EVM-MCM-20 Evaluation Board, CDMCA-300i mconnect player for iOS, CDMCA-300a mconnect player for Android, and CDMCSW-400 mconnect DLNA firmware. Note that the mconnect players can be custom branded.

For more information about the mconnect product line from ConversDigital, please contact one of your Profusion sales offices.