Multi-room DLNA Wireless Streaming Audio at 24bit 192kHz

ConversDigital’s complete DLNA-based mconnect solutions, the CDMCM-200 and CDMCM-210, both enable streaming from server devices, smart phones, or the internet to playback devices on the local network, using smart phones or other devices as full-function controllers.

The new modules stream audio in the wi-fi band (802.11n 11Mb/s) and also wired ethernet at much higher data rates than with Bluetooth (600kb/s), preserving the audio quality without introducing subtle digital artefacts. The CDMCM-210 supports full 24bits/192kHz, and works with many standard file formats including lossless FLAC and ALAC, so it’s suitable for the most discerning audiophile.

ConversDigital Wireless

Party Mode

Multiple CDMCMs can be grouped together in a “Party mode” and controlled by a single app (iOS or Android) so the same song is played on multiple playback devices all in sync.

The CDMCM-200 and CDMCM-210 comply with DLNA Certification, allowing customers to effortlessly share their music, videos and photos between devices, regardless of manufacturer.