SAM5000 Series: High Performance and Customisability

Dram SAM5000

Dream offers a family of audio DSP ICs for applications that require high-quality sound banks, sonic manipulation and effects – designs such as digital pianos and drums, keyboards, DJ mixers and speaker crossovers.

Dream’s latest product line, the SAM5000 series, is a highly customisable range of DSPs that offer a price and purpose for every level of digital audio project. These programmable digital ICs are supported by extensive reference designs and intuitive development tools, plus libraries of innovative sound synthesis technology and audio algorithms.

The SAM5000 ICs are built around an array of hardware accelerated 24-bit DSP cores with 56bit MAC operations, plus a highly optimized 16-bit CPU for general purpose processing. All feature a sophisticated sample buffering system, multi-channel audio DMA and support for a large variety of memory types. We will be stocking all four variations of this high performance IC: the SAM5704, SAM5716, SAM5808 and SAM5916.

The SAM5704 effects processor may be intended as the line’s low-cost solution, but with four DSPs it’s surprisingly adaptable and can be programmed for a wide range of entry level applications including effects generation for guitars.

With sixteen DSPs, the high-performance SAM5716 is ideal for more demanding designs, and can be configured for such products as high range sound modules, digital mixers, professional audio processing and studio effect devices.

The SAM5808 and SAM5916 keyboard synthesizers both feature an additional secondary USB high speed port. The medium-range, eight-core SAM5808 is designed for digital pianos, keyboards and high range electronic drums.

The SAM5916 is the line’s highest performance IC. Boasting 256-polyphony sound synthesis, sixteen DSP cores and large copy-protected sound banks, it is more than capable of meeting the demands of high-end digital pianos, keyboards and sound modules.

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