Profusion Adds Versatility With ICs from Dream Sound Synthesis

Continuing our commitment to bring you innovative, cost-effective design solutions, Profusion are proud to announce the addition of Dream Sound Synthesis to our lineup of premier component vendors. With an array of flexible sound synthesis and effects processor ICs, Dream offer quick-development solutions for keyboards, synthesizers, and other MI devices which require high-quality, customizable sound banks, sonic manipulation, and effects. Based on a set of programmable digital integrated circuits and their innovative sound synthesis technology, Dream’s component line spans the range from high-quality to value.

Dream sound chips

SAM3816 Professional Audio Multiple Purpose Processor

Take the Dream SAM3816, for example. This recently-introduced device (a member of the SAM3000 family) includes sixteen 24-bit DSPs with double-precision instructions, 24-bit audio routing (8 I/O per DSP) and a general-purpose 16-bit processor, along with 16-input and 16-output channels, and a variety of I/O formats (USB 2.0 Full Speed, DDR SDRAM, SDR SDRAM, Wave ROM, NAND Flash and DataFlash®). Sampling rates up to 144 kHz at 24 bits are supported. On-chip flash memory allows copy protection of program code and sound banks.

Firmware development on the SAM3816 is simplifed by an optimized instruction set and a C compiler, speeding time-to-market for audio applications, especially when multi-tasking processes like synthesis, mixing, routing, and the like are required. All of this is supported by reference designs, easy-to-use development tools, various sound banks and efficient technical support.

SAM2195 Low-Power Single-Chip Synthesizer with Effects

Or how about the SAM2195 (part of the SAM2000 family), a complete, single-chip, low-cost, low-power MIDI sound system. This well-designed component produces outstanding synthesized stereo output using a full GM sound set, along with a range of compatible effects, from standard MIDI signals fed to its serial or parallel inputs. The SAM2195’s low power consumption makes it ideal for all battery-powered applications, such as portable Karaoke devices or other products using MIDI synthesis.

To get your hands on the SAM3816, SAM2195, or any of the other exciting ICs from Dream Sound Synthesis, please contact one of the Profusion sales offices near you.